Lady Gaga Releases A Disturbing Video Clip, 911.

Without a doubt, Lady Gaga has released one of the most controversial videos of this year, its title is 911. Since the beginning of her musical career, Lady Gaga has stood out both for her talent and for being very controversial and extravagant. Just remember her striking and disturbing dresses in different awards, such as the meat dress, among others.

In fact, Lady Gada has never changed her style, as it is this style that has made her so famous and successful, and her music continues to set the trend because it has remained the same. The American singer released a new song this week, entitled 911, which is part of her album Chromatica.

This new song by Lady Gaga is available on all digital platforms since last week, as well as her impressive video clip. The funny thing about this new video is that it shows and represents the most critical and difficult situations that she has lived. Even the video can be considered as a journey through all the problems she has had, including the episodes of mental problems she has dealt with for a long time.

Despite being a video that is not considered by the critics as a very commercial video clip, the reality is that in just a few days it has made headlines in music news around the world with more than 16 million views on various digital platforms.

The singer has expressed in an interview that she has made this video in order to tell her experience regarding all the mental health problems she has dealt with and how this has impacted her dreams. Besides, she also wanted to show and inspire others who have gone through difficult situations like this that it is possible to fulfill their dreams and goals by working hard and believing in themselves.