There Will Be No Theater Activity In New York City Until 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Broadway THEATER activity is known to be cancelled until 2021. Unfortunately the NEWS is still discouraging; there will be no theatrical or stage activity in New York City for the remainder of the year. That means no opera, ballet, concerts or independent THEATER for the next few months. Theatrical activity would return sometime in 2021, but there is no confirmed date. The financial outlook for actors, musicians, directors and dancers is desperate. Savings are running out and nobody knows what the future of the performing arts will be.

At the beginning of the pandemic, artists received state subsidies in order to survive, but that money is running out and no one knows when they will return to work. Although the TREND In many activities is to go back to work, the THEATER will have to keep waiting. Many wonder why the THEATER is still excluded from going back to work, if other activities are already functioning: restaurants, schools, museums, etc. The problem is that a play requires many hours of rehearsal. Actors need to interact with each other for a long time to play a character. Infections could occur due to this interaction and that is why it is preferable to suspend the activity.

When the scenic activity returns, the theaters should reduce the amount of public due to the necessary social distance. The problem is that for many theater owners this could lead to financial problems. They will have to invest in a play knowing that they will be making half the money from ticket sales. The bad NEWS continues: many show business owners are considering another activity. Under this “new normality” no show is profitable. However, many entrepreneurs are hoping to produce plays for the audience to watch online. They will try to ensure that the THEATER does not disappear, but is transformed.